FATE Newsletter 6

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FATE Newsletter 6

Welcome! A lot has happened since you last heard from us, the FATE team have been extra busy and we can’t wait to fill you in…

What’s in store for you:

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FATE - Online Workshop - Effective Interventions

WATCH: Our fourth installment of FATE’s Online Workshop series.

FATE Feature:
Wisdom center for religious studies
and intercultural dialogue


WIS.DIALOGUE : is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) which is ready to work alongside other people and organisations that share the same interests and objectives.

WIS.DIALOGUE told FATE: “In this center, we welcome and support all kinds of cooperation and exchange different ideas and experiences which can make our life on this planet full of peace, mercy , dignity and brotherhood.

Our primary objectives are achieved through people-to-people dialogues, cultural exchange programs, language learning experiences, inter-religious activities, conferences, academic seminars, specialized publications  and training programs


In our center, we aim to discover and study the various cultures around the world and try to seek ways of coexisting. We also work to overcome all types of misunderstanding, prejudice, stereotypes, hatred, racism and violence which lead to wars , conflicts and clash of civilisations.”

Our objective in brief is to ‘know each other more’.

Recent events: In April 2017, the center delivered a workshop on communications skills and dialogue in Countering Violent Extremism. This workshop was hosted by Mohamed Al-Khames secondary school..


The Wisdom Center for Religious Studies and Intercultural Dialogue:
Visit their website here and Facebook page

FATE Presents at Workshop on Civil Society Networks

GENEVA – Jonathan Russell represented FATE at an event in Geneva organised by GCSP.
FATE presented its approach to support families and build their capacity to counter extremism through counterspeech, targeted interventions, and safeguarding. In front of several governments and a plethora of other CVE networks, there was a lot of interest in FATE’s family first approach. Learning from the feedback in the FATE Support Request Forms, we exchanged on some of the difficulties that networks face including sustained funding, policy influence and coordination with other networks, and brainstormed shared solutions.

FATE North Africa Director  – Saeida Rouass will be speaking at a panel at the London screening of the documentary ‘Pirates of Salé’.

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Tickets are available here

Brendan Cox, the husband of Jo Cox who was murdered in an act of far-right terrorism, has turned his grief into a passion for combatting extremism ‘The Great Get Together’.


Brendan is marking the anniversary of her death by giving the people an opportunity to come together as communities and celebrate.The Great Get Together’ on the 16-18 June will see thousands of events all across the UK aimed at bringing communities together to create cohesion. The Great Get Together weekend is perfectly timed as it falls just a week after the UK general election, which can often create divisions amongst communities.


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