FATE Newsletter 5

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FATE Newsletter 5

Welcome! A lot has happened since you last heard from us, the FATE team have been extra busy and we can’t wait to fill you in…

What’s in store for you:

  • FATE’s third instalment of the Online Workshop series is here! This video series gives free, online CVE training which is unique and tailored to families!

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  • You’re invited to the UK TERRA report launch! Read more about the report below.

  • This newsletter features Not in God’s Name, a Viennese counter radicalisation group, read more below!

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FATE - Online Workshop - Prevent

We’re proud to release our third video from our Online Workshop Series – ‘Prevent‘. In this session, we’ll be looking at some of the key strategies for carrying out counter extremism and the best practises identified to do so.
If you missed the ‘Understand’ video, watch it here.

Not In God’s Name is a Viennese non-profit organisation, devoted to counter radicalisation, to promote tolerance and to prevent propaganda messages from reaching volnurable youth all over Europe. We strive to synchronise prevention of violent extremism and conveyance of Austrian values through the incorporation of bringing together youth from different cultural and religious backgrounds at joint sport trainings with concluding discussions on various relevant topics. 

The trainings, held by well known muslim athletes, enable us to establish bridges and a platform for tolerance between juveniles. Within a year, Not In God’s Name has proven to be very successful with a double-digit number of young people who have been de-radicalised through the program. For that reason, the organization is expending its reach to other areas throughout Europe in an attempt to spread tolerance and save more lives.

Jakob Guhl, writes on conversion, radicalisation and the role of families.

Jakob is an intern at FATE and assists the Policy Department. Currently, he is pursuing his postgraduate studies at King’s College London, with a focus on jihadism and home-grown radicalisation in the West.

Unlike many members of her generation, my Grandmother is not the least bit religious. On the day my god-son got baptized, she arrived fashionably late at the church, essentially skipping the service.  When asked whether she still wanted to take part in the communion, she politely declined: “No thanks, I have had a good breakfast”.

So while my Grandmother does not have a dog in the fight, I imagine that it would nevertheless create a fairly tense atmosphere during Christmas dinner if I suddenly told her I had converted to Islam. Choosing to study subjects as lofty as Political Science and Religious Studies had already triggered a lot of curious questions along the lines of “do you really think THAT is the right thing for you?” Joining a faith she mostly knows through a media focused on Islamists and jihadists might just be a bit too much to swallow.



You’re invited to the TERRA Report launch event!

The future of European counter-terrorism policy: What next after Brexit and Trump?

25 April 2017, 15:00 -17:00
Centre for European Reform, 14 Great College Street, London, SW1P 3RX

RSVP for the launch here

In cooperation with its Dutch partner IMPACT, Quilliam launches its long-awaited EU-commissioned policy advice report on terrorism and radicalisation prevention.

The report’s recommendations are based on three years of in-depth research and a wide range of best practices from all across Europe, making it the most comprehensive evidence-based policy advice report on the topic of terrorism and radicalisation prevention.  

The full-spectrum solution offered by the researchers combines the strengths of models from across Europe, such as the Dutch Integration Policy, the UK’s Prevent Strategy, the Danish Aarhus Model and the German Exit and Hayat programmes.

“Attacks over the last 18 months show that terrorism is a common challenge across Europe. Despite the cooperative security challenges posed by Brexit it is clear that we need to tackle the threat together. In this report we show how we can learn from each other to find a collaborative solution.”, co-author and Quilliam Global Jonathan Russell says

Read The Report

The recommendations come at a critical time when both Islamist and far-right terrorism are on the rise across Europe and the EU’s counter-terrorism cooperation is threatened by Brexit and the upsurge of populist-nationalist parties.

Based on critical first-hand insights from national and local policy makers, police and intelligence officers, victims of terrorism, former radicals, community cohesion practitioners and de-radicalisation providers, the report critically assesses the effectiveness of national, local and grassroots initiatives as well as their interactions.

“European policymakers’ responses to recent terrorist attacks have often exacerbated rather than mitigated the threat levels– the exchange of best practices and key learnings across borders and disciplines will be crucial to avoid repeating the same mistakes”, co-author Julia Ebner says.

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